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Who is not a terrorist?

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Hamas is marching toward the parliament, threatening the domination of Fatah, a party led by Arafat and succeeded by Abbas after the hero’s death.

US is now calling the voters to think clearly of Hamas’ terrorism nature by asserting that Palestine is at the stake of falling on the hands of terrorists. That is really a bullshit, who is not a “terrorist” in Palestine? 40 years before, Yasir Arafat brought enemies into negotiation by hijacking airplanes and planed suicide bombs. During the years he fought against the US backed Israel, he approved the terrorist attacks without frowning. Even today, the Fatah led by His successor Abbas, who was thought to be a negotiator rather than a politician, forced the people to votes them by terrorist actions, though its main competitor is doing the same thing and threatening its domination within the parliament.

We can see that Hamas, the hard core Palestinian terrorists are doing something to show its people that they are more than military force by operating a TV station and promoted a series of programs for kids. They are trying to control the flow of information, just like the Al Jazeera did.

US feared Hamas’s confrontation instead of cooperation, but the Palestinian feared Fatah’s corruption rather than their brother’s terrorist attack to the Israelis. Even Abbas was doing quite poor in the government due to most of the ministries are Arafat’s hard core follower.

So to the Palestinian, Hamas maybe a better choice that Fatah. The election will be completed in the following week, who will dominate the 66 seats? Just wait and see.

But can the US just shut up not to bothering the democracy implemented in Palestine and influence the free will of the people?

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