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The Victory of Hamas

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Hamas won the election and will dominate the parliament, Fatah has to leave its power, this would not be imagined by Yasir Arafat when he was alive.

Israel will keep its unilateralism approach, but this can’t stay long, since Hamas has a much stronger will to get back the lands and rebuilt the Palestine than Abbas Government did. Though Abbas wants to avoid Hamas from contacting Israel directly, but that seems impossible as Hamas knows exactly how important it is to get control of everything, they have been very proactive in the past which revealed by their prominent suicide attacks.

Now Bush can’t complain since it is the democratic election which Bush was pleased at, and proud of at the time Lebanon had the same democracy. Though the result was not what Bush expected, can he just deny the pooling result? Is the democracy simply a will of the US ?

The Hamas will start a new page of the history, and speed up the separation of the two countries. One may wonder why Hamas was supported by its people, ok, check the history of Israel and see how the western powers were involved in the establishment of Israel, if you were a Palestinian, what do you feel?

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