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Leave it to Iraq

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The Iraq tribes are fighting back the Al Qaeda, Bin Laden is showing his white feather, shouldn’t George W. Bush sipped his wine to celebrate a coming victory.

When the US called evil TV station Al Jazeera released a tape from Bin Laden, it smashed all rumors of his death due to severe kidney disease. Bush is always impatient when he can’t hear from Bin Laden, as it is not the first time rumoring about his death, and once it appears in international news, Bin Laden never let his friend down.

But this time, Bin Laden is giving conditions on a cease fire talk thought what he mentioned is not concrete at all. But to Bush, it is a sign of victory, at lease this old buddy is showing his fear. And there is good news from the devastated Iraq, the tribes are fighting against the Al Qaeda to protect its people from the attacks after the 5th Jan bomb attack, in which several Sunnis are killed.

Can it attribute to Bush’s will against terrorism? To the white house, it definitely is! Since it best plead for the government that the citizens’ tax are used to save the world, every American became Christopher Reeve by saving the world from the 2WW, the Middle East and Kosovo crises.

But this is absolutely not the truth, it is the Islam trying to settle down this conflicts by themselves, this resistance is originated from the people, but not those polices hired by the United States. Iraq people need peace as every American do, leave Iraq to be self-governing. The tribes dare to fire against the Al Qaeda partly because their people died in the bomb attack, had it not for their different attitude, they would not create the tension internally.

Anyway, it is a good sign to Iraq, but don’t worry, Bush won’t draw his army away from Iraq earlier, since if they leave, Bin Laden will come back from Pakistan, the suspected place he is staying. If Bush got the wisdom, he should try to leave Iraq to its people, by encouraging the tribes to establish peace in there own place, and isolate Al-Zarqawi.

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