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Chairman Hu in panic

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BinDian, a weekly publication attached to Zhong Qing Pao was shut down on 24th Jan as the Departement of Propaganda wants to tighten the control of expression. BinDian known as a forwarded media which criticized the corruptions and unfairness in China has been warmed by the government in the past 2 years, in June 2005, Li Datong the editor of the weekly released a long passage on criticizing a regulation governing the journalists of Zhong Qing Pao, which was an official publication of Communist Youth League of China.

This time, Li Datong and the Chief editor of ZQP was penalized internally, other media in China was not allowed to publish this news. It is not a rare action showing the government’ will to control the freedom of speech, last month the Department of Propaganda took disciplinary action against Xin Jin Bao, a Beijing Newspaper by dismissing the editor in chief and his 2 assistants.

All these actions show that the government was still afraid of the criticizes, and its incapable of tackling these problems. This is not any new discovery, but we can also see the attitude of Chairman Hu and his cabinets towards criticizes are not less the same as his notorious predecessors namely Li pang, Jian Zhi Ming. If the governments can’t accept these facts, how can they make improvements? If the monitoring wholly relies on the bureaucracy, how efficient can they find the defects and how prompt can they react? It is too clumsy to talk about the obligation of media and the moral value of journalism here, but we can see the though Wen and Hu were highly praised in the previous months especially their memorial dedication to Hu Yaoban, which was regarded as a twilight to a democratic China, these are merely political tricks instead of a true-heartedly action towards a betterment in terms of democracy and freedom.

Last but not the least, the Hong Kong Medias did a poor job in this news, Mingpao is the only media which conduct an interview with Li Datong, but it dated 27th Jan, while Joseph Khan, the New York Times reporter had it reported on 24th Jan, can we explain this 3 days difference?

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