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Conflicts over Muhammad’s caricatures


The US Media and Government are doing something to distinguish themselves from their European Christian brothers. The state department spokeman Sean McCormack announced that the Prophet Muhammad cartoon firstly appeared in Demark newspaper and now flooding in media of European countries like France, Italy, were found offensive, after protests raised to boycott the products from the captioned countries in Indonesia, Turkey and other Muslim region.

US is always the main target of terrorists, especially after its war against Iraq. At the time, European countries like France and Germany were against the violent resolution, and sounded as if on the side of Muslim countries. This strategy more or less isolated US and UK which the back up of US for the Iraq war.

It is apparent that European countries except UK are not really hardcore partner of US against terrorism, when European countries like Spain was withdrawing military force from Iraq. Even after the terrorist attack of Spain in 2004 and UK in 2005, there is no pan-European action against the terrorism, other than accusations from individual countries.

Now the European Media and President Chirac is defending for the freedom of speech of individuals, while Bush is pretending to be a sympathy judge. It can be expected that the focus of the Muslim terrorist groups will be shifted to European countries and finally the Europe has to be allies of Bush for his anti-terrorism campaign.

In the early1990s, we are speaking of the clash of civilization by Professor Samuel Huntington, and now it is the same topic. Reciprocation of respect toward one’s culture is the only way of unification, is it really so difficult to respect a culture? Europeans, please show your wisdom and breadth.

Is it Google’s Fault?


Google is accused of his cooperation with the PRC Authority, many movements on the internet are raised against it (some even provoke to boycott it). But as a Chinese, I think these accusations are not fair to Google, if we counted it as a commercial institution rather than a political party.

If you did use google in Mainland China( Hong Kong and Macau Excluded), you will know how easy it is to fed up, there are always problems with the search results, either not displayed probably or many dead links. Without better choice, people has to switch to other search engines like Baidu and Msn.

If you know there is a big market, do you want to join? And when you see your competitors like Msn and Yahoo are getting better market share, what can you do other than envying? People criticized the censorship, but we should be aware that censorship is everywhere around in the world, in US and Europe, the website of pedophiles and those contain terrorist information were censored and closed accordingly, we should not just be fooled by this single word “sensorship” which is not always evil.

As one of the founder Brim said though some sensitive political information was censored, at lease the Chinese can still gain from the powerful search engine, which is famous for its less biased searching result. This is true for China, or every authoritative countries like Tunisia and Iran, if you want to do something more, you have to get into the party otherwise you can only murmur without actions.

The Financial Times mentioned the Global Sullivan Principles, and wished google can apply these principles to make something out of those negative criticizes. Of course, we are looking forward to that. But speaking of the quality of service provided by Google, I will definitely pick it out of those Msn, sohu, and yahoo, at least Google is the latest surrender, and it is less snobbish than its competitors if we take a look at its performance so far.

Chairman Hu in panic


BinDian, a weekly publication attached to Zhong Qing Pao was shut down on 24th Jan as the Departement of Propaganda wants to tighten the control of expression. BinDian known as a forwarded media which criticized the corruptions and unfairness in China has been warmed by the government in the past 2 years, in June 2005, Li Datong the editor of the weekly released a long passage on criticizing a regulation governing the journalists of Zhong Qing Pao, which was an official publication of Communist Youth League of China.

This time, Li Datong and the Chief editor of ZQP was penalized internally, other media in China was not allowed to publish this news. It is not a rare action showing the government’ will to control the freedom of speech, last month the Department of Propaganda took disciplinary action against Xin Jin Bao, a Beijing Newspaper by dismissing the editor in chief and his 2 assistants.

All these actions show that the government was still afraid of the criticizes, and its incapable of tackling these problems. This is not any new discovery, but we can also see the attitude of Chairman Hu and his cabinets towards criticizes are not less the same as his notorious predecessors namely Li pang, Jian Zhi Ming. If the governments can’t accept these facts, how can they make improvements? If the monitoring wholly relies on the bureaucracy, how efficient can they find the defects and how prompt can they react? It is too clumsy to talk about the obligation of media and the moral value of journalism here, but we can see the though Wen and Hu were highly praised in the previous months especially their memorial dedication to Hu Yaoban, which was regarded as a twilight to a democratic China, these are merely political tricks instead of a true-heartedly action towards a betterment in terms of democracy and freedom.

Last but not the least, the Hong Kong Medias did a poor job in this news, Mingpao is the only media which conduct an interview with Li Datong, but it dated 27th Jan, while Joseph Khan, the New York Times reporter had it reported on 24th Jan, can we explain this 3 days difference?

The Victory of Hamas


Hamas won the election and will dominate the parliament, Fatah has to leave its power, this would not be imagined by Yasir Arafat when he was alive.

Israel will keep its unilateralism approach, but this can’t stay long, since Hamas has a much stronger will to get back the lands and rebuilt the Palestine than Abbas Government did. Though Abbas wants to avoid Hamas from contacting Israel directly, but that seems impossible as Hamas knows exactly how important it is to get control of everything, they have been very proactive in the past which revealed by their prominent suicide attacks.

Now Bush can’t complain since it is the democratic election which Bush was pleased at, and proud of at the time Lebanon had the same democracy. Though the result was not what Bush expected, can he just deny the pooling result? Is the democracy simply a will of the US ?

The Hamas will start a new page of the history, and speed up the separation of the two countries. One may wonder why Hamas was supported by its people, ok, check the history of Israel and see how the western powers were involved in the establishment of Israel, if you were a Palestinian, what do you feel?

Who is not a terrorist?


Hamas is marching toward the parliament, threatening the domination of Fatah, a party led by Arafat and succeeded by Abbas after the hero’s death.

US is now calling the voters to think clearly of Hamas’ terrorism nature by asserting that Palestine is at the stake of falling on the hands of terrorists. That is really a bullshit, who is not a “terrorist” in Palestine? 40 years before, Yasir Arafat brought enemies into negotiation by hijacking airplanes and planed suicide bombs. During the years he fought against the US backed Israel, he approved the terrorist attacks without frowning. Even today, the Fatah led by His successor Abbas, who was thought to be a negotiator rather than a politician, forced the people to votes them by terrorist actions, though its main competitor is doing the same thing and threatening its domination within the parliament.

We can see that Hamas, the hard core Palestinian terrorists are doing something to show its people that they are more than military force by operating a TV station and promoted a series of programs for kids. They are trying to control the flow of information, just like the Al Jazeera did.

US feared Hamas’s confrontation instead of cooperation, but the Palestinian feared Fatah’s corruption rather than their brother’s terrorist attack to the Israelis. Even Abbas was doing quite poor in the government due to most of the ministries are Arafat’s hard core follower.

So to the Palestinian, Hamas maybe a better choice that Fatah. The election will be completed in the following week, who will dominate the 66 seats? Just wait and see.

But can the US just shut up not to bothering the democracy implemented in Palestine and influence the free will of the people?

Leave it to Iraq


The Iraq tribes are fighting back the Al Qaeda, Bin Laden is showing his white feather, shouldn’t George W. Bush sipped his wine to celebrate a coming victory.

When the US called evil TV station Al Jazeera released a tape from Bin Laden, it smashed all rumors of his death due to severe kidney disease. Bush is always impatient when he can’t hear from Bin Laden, as it is not the first time rumoring about his death, and once it appears in international news, Bin Laden never let his friend down.

But this time, Bin Laden is giving conditions on a cease fire talk thought what he mentioned is not concrete at all. But to Bush, it is a sign of victory, at lease this old buddy is showing his fear. And there is good news from the devastated Iraq, the tribes are fighting against the Al Qaeda to protect its people from the attacks after the 5th Jan bomb attack, in which several Sunnis are killed.

Can it attribute to Bush’s will against terrorism? To the white house, it definitely is! Since it best plead for the government that the citizens’ tax are used to save the world, every American became Christopher Reeve by saving the world from the 2WW, the Middle East and Kosovo crises.

But this is absolutely not the truth, it is the Islam trying to settle down this conflicts by themselves, this resistance is originated from the people, but not those polices hired by the United States. Iraq people need peace as every American do, leave Iraq to be self-governing. The tribes dare to fire against the Al Qaeda partly because their people died in the bomb attack, had it not for their different attitude, they would not create the tension internally.

Anyway, it is a good sign to Iraq, but don’t worry, Bush won’t draw his army away from Iraq earlier, since if they leave, Bin Laden will come back from Pakistan, the suspected place he is staying. If Bush got the wisdom, he should try to leave Iraq to its people, by encouraging the tribes to establish peace in there own place, and isolate Al-Zarqawi.

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